WhatsApp Enhances Privacy: Finally Chat Lock on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Enhances Privacy: Finally Chat Lock on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is dedicated to enhancing user safety and security, continually introducing features for a secure messaging experience. Recently, the Chat Lock feature, already available on mobile, is being tested on the web version, as reported by WABetaInfo.

if you are using WhatsApp web like me then this upcoming update will be very useful for you. The WhatsApp Chat Lock feature is designed to add an extra layer of security to private conversations. It allows users to lock individual chats and hide them in a dedicated folder. This hidden space ensures only the user can access their private conversations.

In the upcoming WhatsApp update, a padlock icon in the sidebar of the web version suggests the imminent arrival of the Chat Lock feature. When a chat is locked, it won’t appear on the regular chat screen but will be securely stored in a hidden folder. Access to these locked chats requires the phone’s screen lock or a secure passcode on the web, ensuring privacy for the user. Here’s a screenshot captured by WABetaInfo:

WhatsApp Web Chat lock

While the web version is still under development, it is expected to feature a passkey system similar to the mobile app’s security measure. This anticipated update is likely to come with a fresh design for the web app, providing users who prioritize privacy with an added level of security for their online conversations.

WhatsApp is actively working on a chat lock feature for the web interface, as per a report by WABetaInfo. This feature aims to boost the security of private conversations by adding a dedicated tab for locked chats. The method for accessing this feature is expected to be included in a future update to the web client.

The chat lock feature on WhatsApp Web mirrors the interface of the Android and iOS versions and offers various privacy and security benefits. It becomes particularly useful when dealing with personal or sensitive information that requires protection from unauthorized access. WhatsApp may also sync these locked chats across different platforms.

Additionally, WABetaInfo has uncovered another upcoming feature called Pinned Events, found in the community info section of the latest WhatsApp mobile app. This feature allows users to pin specific events for quick access.

To enhance user privacy further, WhatsApp is extending the Chat Lock feature, initially introduced in May 2023 for mobile users, to its web client. The leaked image of the feature shows a dedicated icon on the redesigned sidebar, suggesting a separate tab for locked messages. While the functioning details are yet to be revealed, the web client may use passwords or passkeys for added security.

The web version is also expected to receive a redesigned sidebar and a new color scheme for the dark theme, aimed at reducing eye strain in low-light environments. For iOS users, WhatsApp is reportedly working on passkey support, while Android users can anticipate a nearby file-sharing feature similar to Android’s Quick Share, providing end-to-end encrypted visibility to nearby users without revealing phone numbers to non-contacts.

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