WhatsApp Banned Over 69 Lakh Accounts in India: Learn Why?

WhatsApp Banned Over 69 Lakh Accounts in India

In December 2023, WhatsApp, owned by Meta, enforced the new IT Rules 2021 by banning a record-breaking 6,934,000 bad accounts in India. Notably, 1,658,000 accounts were proactively banned before user reports. The monthly WhatsApp user-safety report disclosed 16,366 complaint reports, resulting in 13 actions taken, either banning or restoring accounts.

Emphasizing its commitment to combat abuse, WhatsApp highlighted its proactive measures, backed by a team of experts. Despite the high December ban figures, the company had terminated over 71 lakh malicious accounts in November.

The monthly user safety report not only revealed the substantial ban figures but also provided transparency into the 16,366 complaint reports received in December. Out of these, 13 actions were taken, demonstrating WhatsApp’s responsiveness to user concerns, whether it involved banning accounts or reinstating previously banned ones.

Despite the significant actions in December, it’s essential to note that WhatsApp had terminated even more malicious accounts, surpassing 71 lakh, in the preceding month of November. This consistency underscores the platform’s continuous efforts to maintain a secure and authentic environment for its vast user base.

In parallel, the introduction of the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC) by the Centre adds an additional layer of support for Indian social media users. This committee is poised to address user appeals against decisions made by social media platforms, aligning with broader efforts to fortify digital regulations and address concerns related to content and other issues.

As part of its ongoing commitment to user satisfaction, WhatsApp is actively developing new features, including privacy-focused elements like Chat Lock, along with enhancements for its web client. These developments highlight the platform’s proactive stance in ensuring the security and privacy of its users, further solidifying its position as a leader among end-to-end encrypted messaging services.

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